JUST IN: UN Declares State Of EMERGENCY!!


It’s happening! The UN is in a state of emergency. The latest reports are telling us that the situation is extremely alarming. Today the entire world was shocked after psycho Kim Jong Un did the unthinkable. Nobody expected that after everything that happened in the past few months Kim Jong Un will try to launch another missile.

China also warned them. They gave them the worst news possible. They said that they will ban the trade and their banking system for all N. Korean citizens as well as the state’s investments in their country.

Obviously, that was not enough. Kim Jong Un behaves like he’s GOD. He’s feeling so powerful because Obama and his ultra-liberal buddies refused to do anything about this issue. Things are changing, this time he crossed the line.



They need to punish Kim Jong Un. China, South Korea, Japan, USA, Philippines and many other smaller countries may be a direct target of Kim Jong Un.

He’s showing muscles, or he’s just completely crazy? Well, it seems that he is totally crazy because this man recently tested a hydrogen bomb.

He harms the nature and the environment, not to mention how pissed of the entire world is. Donald Trump did everything he could. He tried his diplomatic backchannels, he used sanctions, he warned Kim Jong Un so many times… Well, there’s no other solution, NATO should strike.

Do you agree with this? Would you support military intervention against Kim Jong Un and his communist puppet state?