In the middle of the shocking sexual scandal famous film producer and eminent Democrat donor, Harvey Weinstein, has escaped from the USA and the whole tension around him these days. He fled the country on his private jet. It seems that he couldn’t handle the situation as he was brutally attacked with leaks of all kind and various accusations. Even his wife left him. Read the report below:

Hollywood Mogul Harvey Weinstein has reportedly fled the country in the midst of a major sexual scandal.

WayneDupree.com reported: Well, you won’t be seeing that much of Harvey Weinstein anymore after Tuesday night. He’s leaving on a jet plane, and you don’t know when he’s coming back again.
This one is easy to decipher, don’t you think? Weinstein sins are slapping him all in the face and slamming him against the wall in some serious wall-to-wall counseling, and he’s looking for the quick way out.

Leaving the country in a situation like this will make him look guilty. Both, the Clintons and the Obamas finally spoke out today against their friend, which nobody is buying to be serious. The Clintons have built a complete lifestyle on Weinstein while the Obamas were on their way. Barack and Michelle even gave Weinstein their daughter to intern, which is creepy at best.

Now, he’s leaving the country. TMZ is reporting he’s going to Europe but didn’t say whether or not it is a non-extradition country.


What do you think about this, is Harvey Weinstein going to hide in a non=extradition country in case of an investigation that’s going to prove him guilty? Yesterday 13 new women claim that allegedly Weinstein forced them to have sex. Things are not looking good for him at all.