JUST IN: The White House Has Spoken, Trump Is NOT Backing Down!


This just came out of nowhere! Donald Trump is as hard as steel. Sarah Huckabee Sanders made an official announcement in which he gives the leftists a huge ‘middle finger’. The American elite will be also disappointed by this new announcement because Trump made it clear: WE ARE NOT BACKING DOWN ON PARIS AGREEMENT UNLESS IS PRO-AMERICAN.

The global warming, according to many scientists and researchers, is nothing but a big FRAUD by Barack Obama and the globalists. It is a program which enables the leftists to suck out huge sums of money investing in their propagandistic policy, spreading their tentacles in the entire world and, of course, blackmailing politicians, corporations, and individuals hidden under the hood of a false warning.

Don’t get us wrong. There is a HUGE difference between the pollution of our planet and the global warming fraud. We have to be aware that we are destroying and polluting the planet, but the global warming is explicit about one thing- the melting of the giant icebergs on the poles.

That is SO WRONG. According to Obama’s ‘scientists’ in 2008 the icebergs should’ve already started melting. NOTHING HAPPENS.

The reports from the poles say that Antartica and the Arctic are even getting colder depending on the year and the climate changing.

What’s also symptomatic is the fact that the Paris agreement is preoccupied with BUSINESS and MONEY. The worst thing that happened to the USA because of these agreements is that the coal mining and the coal industry will be gone forever.

That’s hundreds of thousands of families losing their primal source for existence. Donald Trump knows this. He actually made a GREAT deal with China. China is not going to take coal from N. Korea anymore, but they are going to buy coal from the USA.

Remember when the Chinese prime minister visited Trump at Mar-a-Lago? The media, of course, don’t want you to know this. And now what? To support the agreement which is going to make us lose billions of dollars? NO WAY! This is what Sarah Sanders just announced:


This is AMERICA FIRST policy. How do you like it? Should we become something similar to the Western European countries who neglect their own citizens to spread their ‘philanthropist’ agenda in the third world countries? What do you think?