JUST IN: His Wife Is Leaving Him!


Harvey Weinstein is passing through a living hell these days after what was just announced about him and the awful accusations against him by a huge number of women. Today it was also announced that another 13 women are preparing charges against the famous producer and filmmaker. However, the Democrats were also put to shame by Harvey Weinstein after it was revealed that he donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the DNC and many eminent Democrat leaders.

However, despite his power and former reputation, Weinstein is losing on all fronts. Read the report below:

People Magazine is reporting Harvey Weinstein’s wife, Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman (41), is leaving him. They have two children together. Weinstein is 65:

“My heart breaks for all the women who have suffered tremendous pain because of these unforgivable actions. I have chosen to leave my husband. Caring for my young children is my first priority and I ask the media for privacy at this time,” Chapman says in a statement to PEOPLE.

Read more: (Link: people.com)

Model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, as part of a 2015 NYPD sting operation, can be heard denying Harvey’s multiple advances to sleep with him. He also admits to groping her breast and saying “I’m used to that”. He eventually dismisses her when she refuses numerous times:


This was expected, of course, but Harvey Weinstein’s life turned into a total disaster in just a couple of days. The DNC donor ruins their dreams of being loudmouths who ‘fight for the oppressed’ because we witness that they have oppressors in their own membership.

Harvey Weinstein had a brilliant career and lived a comfortable, luxurious and glamorous life. What made him do such disgusting things is still unknown.