JUSTICE SERVED – Donald Trump Just Fired The Ex-Head Of The CIA In The Most EPIC Way Possible

John Brennan dedicated his service as the Head of the CIA in the chains of his commanders who ordered what to do and what to think. This guy is one of the most responsible people for the massive espionage on the American people, suspicious wrongdoings in the Middle East, the Iranian deal, Russia, Africa, the Arabian Spring etc. Now, the people take control over the Central Intelligence Agency with the ,,blessing” of our protector and leader Donald Trump. Our President fired John Brennan!

Now, it’s no surprise to anyone now that Obama’s EX-CIA Chief John Brennan HATES Donald Trump. I mean the second he left office he called our new president “Despicable” after he met with the CIA. SO NASTY!

However, President Trump is NOT gonna stand for this! Trump revealed that the CIA didn’t find him “Despicable,” THEY LOVED HIM!

‘Had a great meeting at CIA Headquarters yesterday, packed house, paid great respect to Wall, long standing ovations, amazing people. WIN!

The best revenge is to succeed DESPITE your attackers. John Brennan ran a VERY corrupt CIA with his low-point being him LYING about hacking Congress (Which the CIA cannot legally do).

Brennan is just lucky he is not in jail already. Trump has EVERY right to go after him, especially considering how much “leaking” the CIA was doing to the press under him.

H/T Liberal Writers News

This is a good choice and he will make good chief of the CIA and we will start to make real progress. Donald Trump acts like a real leader, keeps his promises and cares for the people. The USA is our legacy from our forefathers, we must not destroy it. Mike Pompeo- It is your turn now- make the CIA great again!