KARMA – Chicago Thugs Who Tortured Disabled Trump Supporter Just Got HORRIFYING NEWS

The two thugs who attacked an innocent Trump supporter and tortured him, are finally going to get what they deserve. This antisocial behavior paints the picture of today’s America, and how the liberal brainwashing factories influence the young folks. The innocent kid that was attacked so hard and tortured by these black-racists is just another prove how these liberals work.

These hypocrites who act like open minded freedom fighters who want to destabilize the country. But look what happens now, the new administration is not joking!

Last month, the country was stunned when a Facebook live video surfaced showing four black thugs torturing an 18 year-old white boy while screaming things like “f*ck Donald Trump!” and “f*ck white people!”Since their horrendous crime, the four punks have been imprisoned on numerous charges including committing a hate crime. Now, their defense attorneys have broken their silence, and what they have to say for their clients is truly sick.


Daily Mail reported that the four racist thugs whined through their lawyers about how unfair it is that they have received death threats ever since they beat a white boy for supporting Trump.

“It is sad and unfortunate that many have commented on these young men and women without knowing all the facts,” said Cook County Public Defender Amy Campanelli after a hearing on Friday. “They have been denounced in the media before anything has been proven.”

Campanelli added that the “sensationalized, pervasive media coverage” means that the jury pool will likely be poisoned. Neil Toppel, who represents another one of the defendants, cited an online post calling for the “public execution” of the defendants.

“There was a posting that invited a Good Samaritan to publicly execute these defendants by law or if not by mob,” Toppel told reporters. “And said anybody that supports them should be executed as well.”

H/T Truth Monitor

Our country is on the edge of a total conflict and devastation. We have to accept the message from our President and unite under the national flag, NOT TO BURN IT! God bless America- we have to remain strong and forget the fight between the nation.