Kathy Griffin Show Has Just Been Cancelled

Kathy Griffin did the stupidest thing ever. We knew that she hates President Donald Trump, but we really thought that she is smarter than this. The comedian shocked people across the country with her latest photo session, and we believe that even her liberal fellows are disgusted with these photos.

Griffin posed with the President’s bloody head in her hand. The photo is probably one of the most disturbing photos you’ve ever seen, and Griffin didn’t even think how would the President’s family feel. This is shocking, sick, and disgusting.

Liberals should better learn how to control their feelings, otherwise someone is going to end up behind bars. Maybe Griffin will be the first to go.

The comedian has been too vocal about her hate for President Trump, but this time she crossed the red line. This is the most disturbing thing a liberal has ever done. They’re usually just talking, and talking, but this can be considered as an actual threat.

Now Griffin should be concerned about the potential visit of the Secret Service.

Liberals accused President Trump of inciting violence, but they are worse than any coldblooded killer in this country. Who jokes with stuff like this?

Many people called out CNN and Tapper for the scandal, including the President’s son, Donald Jr. we understand his feelings, and Griffin deserves any charge she may get.

Even Chelsea Clinton condemned the photo session.

As mentioned earlier, even the Secret Service posted on their official Twitter account claiming that they will be taking a look into the situation without directly mentioning Griffin.

But shortly after, Griffin seems to have realised in what kind of a whole she fell, and overwhelmed by the negative backlash she received even by the far left, she posted a video on both her Facebook and Instagram account, apologizing for her distasteful video.

I am sorry. I went too far. I was wrong.

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If you ask us, it’s a bit too late for apologies now that the damage has been done.

Spread the word if you think that she deserves a jail sentence for doing this!