Kellyanne Conway Attacked By Feminist Group – Crushes Them With This BRUTAL Response


The liberal machinery works with full force. Kellyanne Conway is their target once again. These evil snakes do not pick their tools to attack the people that do not share their opinions and views. Read more in the article below and decide yourself :

llyanne Conway should be a feminist icon. She is the first woman to run a successful presidential campaign and she is smart and hardworking. However, because of her politics groups of angry feminists are attacking her. Kellyanne Conway has had to deal with a lot, from accusations of racism to death threats but she’s risen above it all.

Recently feminists have been judging her because she was considering not taking a job in Trump’s cabinet because she has four children that she wants to spend more time with. Kellyanne had quite the response to this on Fox New’s with Stuart Varney.

“I thought that women were a product of their choices and that’s what I’m trying to do here privately and
quietly find the best balance for my family,” said Conway.

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“I can’t help but think that people are judging my politics and not my motherhood,” said Kellyanne.

“And I would just note to you that some people who have attacked me are moms but a lot of the women who have attacked me are either childless interns born in the 1990s or women I noticed who have cats as their Twitter pictures. So I’m not going to really just lose my mind over people attacking me in 140 characters, I can assure you that.” Wow! You don’t want to mess with Kellyanne. Check out the video below.

Liberals owned! You’ve lost on every front, you’ve lost every battle! American people are able to see with their own eyes. Your manipulations are nothing but a desperate scream of a sore looser. Good job Kellyane Conway!


H/T Conservative101