Kellyanne Conway Brutally Lectures SEXIST Nancy Pelosi! You Must See This!


When it comes to politics- Kellyanne Conway is the huge mystery of the 21th century. Conway is the first woman ever to run and win presidential campaign. That seemed so easy for Kellyanne- talented, smart and positive person.

But, Kellyanne Conway is still defender of the honor and the dignity of the President and the White House. Look how brutally lectured Nancy Pelosi:

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway responded to recent criticisms in an interview with Fox News host Howard Kurtz over the weekend and blasted House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for failing to defend her over sexist comments.

During a discussion about a recent New York Times article that noted the sexist criticism that Conway is regularly a victim of, Conway hit back at the women who haven’t come to her defense — including Pelosi.

Two week ago, Conway was the subject of a very crude sexual joke by Democrat Rep. Cedric Richmond (La.), who said at a dinner that Conway “really looked kind of familiar in that position” referencing a photo of Conway on her knees on a couch in the Oval Office taking a picture of President Donald Trump and a group of historically black college presidents.

However, when confronted by her caucus member’s remarks during an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” last weekend, Pelosi failed to condemn her rank-and-file member and defend Conway, her fellow woman. In fact, Pelosi essentially gave Richmond a pass by arguing that she had no clue what he said because she wasn’t at the event with him.

H/T The Blaze

This was a good example how the hypocrite liberals always loose the game. Those filthy liberals should officially quit their live TV appearances, or visit only the FAKE NEWS brainwashing factories like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, The View, Jimmy Kimmel’s show etc..