HE DID IT! Kim Jong Un Is Scared To Death After General Mattis Did This…


General Mattis SHOWS WHO’S THE BOSS! The big patriot Mattis handles his new position excellently. Kim Jon Un and his insane generals wanted to start a huge mess with their provocations against the USA. NOW LOOK WHAT HAPPENED-MATTIS HAS BAD NEWS FOR THE NORTH KOREAN TYRANT! 

When it comes to keeping the US safe, Secretary of Defense James Mattis is NOT messing around. For years we have sat by and let North Korea threaten us. Those days are over!

Yesterday Mattis met with his British counterpart, Michael Fallon. The two were holding a joint Press Conference when Secretary Mattis dropped this bombshell,


Mattis told his crowd,

“This is a threat of both rhetoric and growing capability.”

“We are working diplomatically, including with those that we might be able to enlist in this effort to get North Korea under control, but right now it appears to be going in a very reckless manner. That’s got to be stopped.”

See? He is not messing around.

Mattis’s message was loud and clear: Kim Jong Un has one final chance to STOP building nukes and threatening us or we WILL defeat him for good!

Like he said, he is hoping for Diplomacy, but not afraid of a good fight if needed.

He also sent a warning to Putin telling him to back off his political and social tampering in the world or there WILL be consequences!

H/T Liberty Writers News

This is the brave General Mattis! This makes me proud! This should make every American proud because we are finally showing our strength and focus on REAL threats against, not only the American, but the entire World’s enemy. SHARE THIS POST IF YOU SUPPORT MATTIS’ POLICY!