Kimberly Guilfoyle Just Made A Shocking Prediction About Trump And Latinos, Could She Be Right?


The biased liberal media loves to tell tall tales about how minorities supposedly do not support Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. Trump is, after all, the only candidate who has actually taken the time to go south of the border and meet the President of Mexico. Did Hillary Clinton do that? No! Either she doesn’t care, or hear health woes prevented her from doing so. Only Trump cared enough.

Fox News’ Kimberly Guilfoyle sees through the lies of the Democratic media machine. The co-host of The Five, who is of Puerto Rican heritage on her mother’s side, believes that Trump will receive a surprising amount of support from Hispanics in the November election. This would be a surprise even to her strongly conservative colleague at Fox News Greg Gutfeld, who commented, “I can’t see, after that speech, Hispanics going, ‘you know what? Now I like him.’”

Guilfoyle strongly disagreed, and made her insight known by answering, “I think you guys are in for a surprise here. I mean, you’re talking about my people. I’m telling you, so many Hispanics I talk to, and many African-Americans, are Trump supporters.” Guilfoyle wasn’t done. She continued, “I think you’re underestimating what he’s been able to accomplish, prepare yourselves.” Do you agree with Kimberly? Watch the video: