Kimberly Guilfoyle Just Smacked Down Juan Williams So Hard For An Anti-Trump Lie, It’s Epic


For the sake of offering balanced reporting, Juan Williams definitely serves a role as a necessary evil on Fox News’ The Five. However, the knee-jerk liberal statements he keeps making just to stir up trouble are truly grating. This was on full display during a recent episode of The Five. Kimberly Guilfoyle discussed what a good job Trump was doing in his black voter outreach, and Juan Williams just couldn’t help but try to smear Trump.

Said Kimberly, But you know, Trump, at least he is trying. And at least he is asking the question, and he is putting forth the narrative. It’s like, just give me a moment. Why don’t you ask yourself? What have the democrats, what the liberals done for you in your school, in your communities, for your jobs, for your families over the past 50 years? You have been loyal to them. You have trusted them. You have counted and, in fact, depended on them. Do you feel that you have been let down? If you do, please listen to me. Please give me a chance to do right by you. That’s important.”

Then Williams brought up something irrelevant that happened decades ago, saying, “If this was another republican, I might say, aha, Kimberly — but when I hear Donald Trump, who had to settle a suit with the Justice Department because he was accused of discriminating against black and Latinos in housing here in New York, I think this guy? Is this guy really the one?” Kimberly smacked him down, countering, “As a lawyer, that’s an accusation. People settle things all the time, every day, across this country. That’s how the system works.”

Boom! That shut Juan right up. Then Guilfoyle went in for the kill, adding, “Nevertheless, you know, you have, you should know the specific circumstances. I’m just talking about what the inroads he is trying to make and the fact that, yeah, maybe Washington — “The Wall Street Journal” has it, but since – what is it? Since September 10, it’s gone up to 19.6 percent, the tracking poll of African-Americans.” Well done! She sure showed him. How much do you love feisty Kimberly Guilfoyle?