Krauthammer Destroys 9th Circuit Ruling Against Trump With These Words


The disgraceful and horrible 9th Circuit’s actions that, in fact, presented unique revolt against the president and the constitution of the USA. These judges are going to face serious trouble because the White House is going to use every single source to prove that the justice is on their side. Also, many intellectuals and the United States Justice Foundation stand behind our President and they are going to win the struggle! Look how Krauthammer destroys the ,,rogue” judges:

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal ruled against Trump’s executive order, a move that Krauthammer says is absolutely ‘disgraceful’. “What exactly is the court saying here. I’m trying to understand what the key, the central objection to the president’s executive order is,” said Tucker Carlson. Krauthammer responds.

“Look, I think this a disgraceful conclusion because what they did is substituted their judgement as to what constitutes a threat to Americans’ security for the president’s,” started Krauthammer.

“Now we were all interested in what they think, but that is irrelevant to the case. The case was does the president have the authority to do it. And if he does, it’s his judgement to make. And that’s the plain reading of the law. It’s the plain reading of the constitution. I think the policy was unwise, but that’s irrelevant. I think it is very clearly legal. This is the most left-wing, most overturned court in the country,” explained Krauthammer.

Tucker Carlson went onto ask “it’s possible [Department Justice Lawyers] didn’t make a very good case, and that they didn’t make a good case because they don’t believe in the case?”

“I was listening in to the oral arguments and the Trump side, the federal government side, I thought was exceedingly weak. I don’t think they were throwing the game. I don’t think this was a guy that went in there deliberately to lose. I think this was a junior guy, I’m told the top two were unable to do it for whatever reason, had to recuse themselves,” explained Krauthammer. Check out the interview below.

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This was a nice interview. Well, in the past few days every reasonable and sane person is able to see truth and to judge if the President has or has not right to do his reforms. Our justice system has to be also improved and ,,drained” from ,,poisonous snakes”. Anyway, the justice will prevail.