Krauthammer Humiliates Traitor GOPs

Krauthammer is back! These days the conservative hosts and experts are really on fire! The good, old Krauthammer had something really important to say about the RINOs and, of course, the negative effect caused against his state management. It was not a secret that the elites corrupted too many Republicans, but Krauthammer analysis opens so many other questions:

The only politicians that have posed a greater impediment for President Donald Trump than the Republicans is the group of “Never Trump” Republicans who clearly believe that it is better to subtly sabotage Trump than having a political outsider run our country.

This has been made extremely clear in the aftermath of drama surrounding President Trump’s firing of incompetent FBI Director James Comey and Trump’s effort to share information with our Russian allies to fight ISIS. Charles Krauthammer was alarmed at the lack of conviction of some Republicans to stand by Trump during this tough time, and he just called them out for it.

Said Krauthammer in an impassioned statement on Fox News, talking about how these Republicans had caved to the New York Times over the President, “I think what’s really stunning is that nobody, not even from the White House, has come out under their own name in defense of the president here. You got an anonymous statement, we don’t see any Republicans on camera.”


He added, “And that is totally understandable, they just watched over the last ten days, people who went out on a limb over the Comey firing, and said it was a result of the memo of the deputy attorney general, had the limb sawed off by Donald Trump himself without a flinch and were left humiliated and contradicted.”

He added, “And then when you look at what happened with the Russian ambassador, last night people were saying, the people high up that were in the room, by name said that this never happened. And then in the morning it looks as if the tweets that Trump issued acknowledged it happened and he had every right to do it. So who is going to step out now and defend the president in these denials which could very well be true, when you’ve seen what happened to Republicans who stepped out on denials in two other cases, and were left like on an ice flow off of Norway?”

H/T Conservative101

Krauthammer speaks the truth. He is a great person who is not afraid to tell the truth, and the truth is that the Republicans didn’t support Donald Trump as they promised. They will expect his voters to trust them again in 2018, but we shall see what’s going to happen…