Krauthammer Just SHOCKED Fox News Viewers – Tells Trump EXACTLY What He Should Do To UN – Do You Agree?

We, as a nation, were always aware of the importance of the world peace and stability. America always fought for freedom and justice. On the other hand, we also supported and aided the UN organisation with money and resources.

But, it seems that this organisation works only under command of the wealthy donors of the NWO. We became just a tool of this organisation and nothing else. Donald Trump will stop that. Obama recently destroyed our relations with Israel with the support of this organisation. The purposes of the UN are being questioned…

The United Nations’ most recent effort to condemn Israel has resulted in an increasing outcry from American conservatives who say the organization once created to prevent war has lost its way.

During an impassioned denunciation of the U.N. on Monday, conservative Charles Krauthammer offered the most innovative use for the prime New York City real estate now occupied by the U.N.

“I think that’s good real estate in downtown New York City,” he said. “And Trump ought to find a way to put his name on it and turn it into condos.”

In a more serious vein, Krauthammer noted that American taxpayers pay about 25 percent of the costs of operating the U.N. only to have it constantly working against the United State’s only Middle East ally.

“So we’re paying an organization that spends half its time — more than half its time and energy and resources and bureaucracy trying to attack the only Jewish state on the planet, a tiny little spec, while genocide mayhem, murder, terrorism is going on all over the world,” he said.

Krauthammer said the focus on and hostility towards Israel is out of proportion to the needs of the globe.

“It’s an obsession that to an outside a observer appears to be insane. Why are we doing this? And the rest of the time is spent undermining the United States and democracy and our allies around the world,” Krauthammer said.

The U.N. was formed in the wake of World War II to avoid wars by giving nations a place where differences could be discussed and resolved without violence.

“It was born in hope, the end of the second World War. It turned out to be a disaster,” Krauthammer said.

“It is an organization that exacerbates tensions, it does not assuage them,” he added.

He also said the attention the world body receives is out of proportion to its true importance.

“… imagine if headquarters were in Zimbabwe,” he said. “The amount of weight and coverage it would get would be zero.”

H/T Western Journalism

We need to cut ties with Obama and his donors. America is not their private property, America is the land of freedom! We have decided, not even the UN or any other organisation in the world is able to defeat the power of our nation. We will repair our foreign policy and we will bring back our good reputation.