Krauthammer REVEALS Exactly How Trump Can Destroy Obama Holdovers In DC – IT’S AWESOME

FINALLY-HE SAID IT! In these hard times, the conservatives decided to remain calm and peaceful, not to make pressure. The patriots decided to show respect to the country and their political opponents, who do exactly the opposite. However- KRAUTHAMMER SENT THE MESSAGE- Trump should strike against the liberals and the people should stand behind him!

Charles Krauthammer explained how President Trump needs to “attack” the Obama administration holdovers who have their own anti-Trump agendas. “It’s one of the main conservative arguments against big government. It’s not that it’s just inefficient, it’s not just that it’s impersonal, it’s not just that in the way that it restricts our liberties, it’s that it develops its own interests,” explained Krauthammer.

“You’ve got to get the same people to carry out a weakening of their own powers. For that, you need a president with a lot of public support,” explained Krauthammer.

“This president has the two houses of Congress with him, so this is an opportunity to do that, and deregulation is one way to do that and depopulation of the bureaucracy, to allow the numbers to go down by attrition, is another way to do that,” he said.

“Every time a new person comes in and enters the cabinet, becomes the head of a department, they instantly discover that there are people who are entrenched, have been there forever who know the ropes and can foil you simply by delaying,” Krauthammer said.

“This is a chronic issue, and you want to use the energy and the support and the honeymoon of a new presidency… to go ahead and attack it,” explained Krauthammer. Check out the interview below.

H/T Conservative101

Maybe the President waited for so long to settle the score with the mean liberals. I think that this nation suffered enough in the past decade-yes, a decade of liberal terror. Now it has to end! Those politicians who are mentioned in the shameful scandals should, at least, leave the USA immediately because they embarrass the country and themselves with each moment spent on American soil.