Lady Gaga Just Got TERRIBLE NEWS After Refusing To TRASH Trump During Super Bowl – She NEEDS Your Support

Lady Gaga smacked the liberals and showed some character on the annual Superbowl. Lady Gaga refused to make another sick liberal show and attack the President. Unlike her, the other celebrities used every single opportunity to launch attacks at the president, but it seems that these people from Hollywood are starting to realize what the truth is. Look how Gaga brutally disobeyed the elitists and did it her own way:

During the Super Bowl last night, Lady Gaga defied millions of liberals by refusing to bash Donald Trump during her halftime show. Unfortunately, this move has now come back to bite her in a big way.

Young Conservatives reported that many liberals were expecting Lady Gaga to attack Trump during her performance based on what she said in an interview before the show.

“I have an opportunity with this performance to show a different part of this country that those who think that they are so different from me and my fans — to see that our hearts are really the same,” she said. “It’s like the mecca for performers. We have 13 minutes with the world.”

Lady Gaga did send a message during her show, just not the one liberals were hoping for. Instead of vilifying Trump, Lady Gaga instead gave a show about unity and patriotism. While millions were touched by her message, liberals were furious, and they are now exacting their revenge on Lady Gaga by threatening to boycott her and by slamming her on Twitter.



H/T MRC Blog
The Hollywood celebrities have to take Lady Gaga as a role model. If these ,,americans” love their country they have to be supportive instead of violent and radical. Our President and the new goverment most certainly want to keep the positive energy and unity. Good job, Lady Gaga- this is a huge step to unity!