Leaders In Congress Are Ready To File Charges Against HILLARY! BREAKING NEWS


President Barack Obama’s Department of Justice still refuses to file criminal charges against Hillary Clinton, even though she clearly put America’s national security at risk by using her email server.

Now, the leader of the House Oversight Committee is ready to take matters into his own hands.

Committee Chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz wants to make Hillary Clinton pay for her dangerous crimes against America. Watch (below) as Chavetz demands Hillary be charged for perjury, and explains how extensive the evidence is against her.

Chaffetz is openly accusing Hillary Clinton of obstructing justice, and is demanding action by law enforcement. This is incredible!

Hillary Clinton has deleted emails and scrubbed them off her home-run email server, while lying to the FBI about classified documents. While that was going on, she was instructing her staff to smash Blackberries with hammers… Those same phones were the ones Hillary Clinton purchased off EBay.

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