Lester Holt BUSTED Using Illegal Device During Debate, Was He Sending Signals To Hillary? [Details]


Many prominent political commentators and media experts, such as Eric Bolling and Mike Huckabee, have put forth compelling evidence that moderator Lester Holt rigged the first Presidential Debate on September 26th, effectively handing the ‘win” to Hillary Clinton.

Now some truly shocking evidence has come out about just how far Lester, and the Democrats he colluded with, went to orchestrate the phony kangaroo debate. There are photographs and video clips that clearly show Holt was using an earpiece during the debate.

You might not think this is a big deal, but the Federal Election Commission has a very specific and clear “no earpiece” policy for both the moderators and the debaters. This rule was set in place by a bipartisan committee to ensure that no one-way or two-way communication takes place between the moderator and their candidate of choice, with the moderators slipping them questions in advance.

Beyond the clearly visible earpiece on Holt, Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton wore very bulky metal earrings, which some have speculated could contain an earpiece receiver in disguise. Also, when Hillary bent over, it was abundantly clear that she had a thick wire running up the inside of her jacket on her back. How can we let this blatant cheating stand? How far do you think the Democrats went to rig the debate for Hillary? Watch the video below: