‘Let Me Finish!’, Rudy Giuliani Explodes At Mark Cuban For Supporting Hillary [Video]


Before the debate Mark Cuban squared off against Rudy Giuliani. Cuban basically argued that Hillary did nothing wrong with her emails.

I’ll bet he regrets saying that in front of Giuliani. Giuliani started talking about how the FBI found Hillary to be extremely careless. Cuban smirked, even though Giuliani was right.

Giuliani went on to say that not only is Hillary not fit to be president, but Giuliani wouldn’t be able to even hire her to be an assistant attorney. If someone tried to work as an assistant attorney, proved in her past that she was so careless with sensitive information, he would not be able to hire her.

Cuban responded saying that Giuliani was wrong about everything he just said. Cuban responded by saying that none of Hillary’s emails were classified and all classified materials were in hard copy.

This of course isn’t true. Giuliani went on to say how Hillary didn’t even know that C stood for Confidential. When Cuban continuously tried to interrupt he yelled ‘Let me finish!’ Check out the video below.