Lib Caught RED-HANDED Using Fake News to Smear Trump – Instantly Got Destroyed Live On Fox News


The liberal mainstream media totally lost the credibility. All of these liberal media corporations worked for decades to build up a good reputation, but now it’s all ruined. The liberal left is in panic after they lost the election. Now, they use every possible ‘weapon’ to compromise the president. In that madness- it’s easy to see liberal loudmouth caught red-handed after trashing Trump with fake news:

Democrats are still in shock about the fact that Hillary Clinton is not in the White House, and they are clearly frustrated that they can’t just snap their fingers and get Republican President Donald Trump impeached for the imaginary crimes they feel he has committed.

Since Democrats clearly don’t have the facts on their side, they have resorted to reporting utter lies as truth. Thankfully, when a Democratic pundit named Lis Smith decided to pull this “fake news” trick as a guest on live Fox News, she got called out about it to her face.

Fox News hosts Shannon Bream and Mercedes Schlapp brought Lis, who was once the girlfriend of disgraced New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, onto the network to give a liberal perspective on the firing of FBI Director James Comey. Instead of giving thoughtful insult, Smith told a blatant lie, saying that, before he was fired, Comey had formally asked for more resources for his Russia investigation.

Sadly for Smith, top sources at the FBI have confirmed that this story is totally false. When Bream and Schlapp called Lis out on it, she practically started stuttering on air. Smith desperately tried to pivot to another talking point, saying, “We know that Donald Trump asked James Comey for his personal loyalty.”


Shannon Bream destroyed her, saying, “First of all, the White House is disputing that account.” Schlapp tried to speak, but an anxious Lis kept talking over her. Finally, Schlapp said, “You gotta let me talk. Look, let’s put away your Democratic talking points and talk about what we [know].” Are you glad these two hosts handled this “fake news” liberal liar? Watch the full exchange below:

Wow! It was a real pleasure to watch this nasty liberal liar destroyed. Well, it always is a pleasure to watch liberals humiliated and their hypocrisy exposed. That’s priceless. That reminds me of how POWERFUL the American people are. We broke free from the liberal ‘limbo’ and now we know what’s wrong and what’s right!