Liberal Celebrity Completely Lost It! Look Who She’s Wishing To Become Her President


This is sad, funny and scary at the same time. When you thought that we’ve seen everything from the arrogant Hollywood elitists, Chelsea Handler reminds us of how far the liberal limits are.

Believe it or not, she sides with Kim Jong Un! The hatred is so powerful in Hollywood, obviously. Kim Jong Un is condemned by the entire world, but brainwashed Hollywood hates Trump more.


Netflix host Chelsea Handler suggested trading President Donald Trump for the “more sane” North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in a tweet Thursday night.

Handler, who also spelled Kim Jong Un’s name wrong, referenced his response to Trump’s United Nations speech where he said that the U.S. would “totally destroy” North Korea if forced to defend itself or its allies.

The North Korean leader’s statement called Trump a “mentally deranged dotard” and “frightened dog” who Kim Jong Un would “tame … with fire.”

“Uhhh. Kim Jung’s letter to @realDonaldTrump is a little bit more sane than @realDonaldTrump. Maybe we trade?” Handler wrote.



Of course, Trump was a democratically elected president while Kim assumed office when his Supreme Leader father Kim Jong Il died in 2011. He has been repeatedly sanctioned for his illicit nuclear program and mass human rights abuses, and he has executed members of his own family to consolidate power.


Handler’s severe disdain for Trump and his administration runs deep. She has called for a military coup to remove him from office, mocked the death of his older brother, sobbed openly over his election victory and called Dr. Ben Carson a “black white supremacist.”

Handler was also one of the numerous celebrities who did not honor a pledge to leave the country if he won the presidency. She is a committed progressive who learned what gerrymandering was last year.

H/T FreeBeacon

Shee needs to see how people live in N. Korea. But she doesn’t even need to care about this extremely stupid thing she wrote on Twitter. Her followers are brainwashed liberals living inside the bubble. You can tell them whatever you want, their ignorance is huge as well as their stupidity. What do you think about her post?