Liberals Slammed, Gettysburg Said “No way!!”


Gettysburg resists the liberal pressure and says no to all liberals who want to change the history of this country. Not only change, but ERASE the entire history of this nation. Confederation existed and we can’t change that. That is

That is vital part of our bloody past in the national struggle for freedom and equality. However, ANTIFA and the rest of the alt-left vandals intend to destroy the Confederate monuments.

Officials at the Gettysburg National Military Park said Wednesday that the monuments at the expansive Pennsylvania battlefield will stay despite unrest over Confederate memorials.

“These memorials, erected predominantly in the early and mid-20th Century, are an important part of the cultural landscape,” battlefield spokeswoman Katie Lawhon told the Hanover Evening Sun.

Gettysburg was the site of the bloodiest battle of the Civil War, from July 1-3, 1863.


The skirmish at the once-tiny crossroads between Harrisburg, Pa. and Frederick, Md. was the only battle in the North, aside from raids in Chambersburg and Mechanicsburg.

There are more than 1,300 memorials at the park- ranging in size from tiny stone markers for smaller regiments’ positions, to the massive Pennsylvania State Monument that includes a cupola for visitors.

The park also has several streets named after soldiers on both sides, including the Union’s Daniel Sickles and Winfield Scott Hancock, and the Confederacy’s Ambrose Wright.

There’s also a “United States Avenue” and a “Confederate Avenue” which both roughly cover the main Union and Confederate positions.

The National Park Service’s policy on battlefield monuments states that the feds are “committed to safeguarding these unique and site-specific memorials in perpetuity, while simultaneously interpreting holistically and objectively the actions… they commemorate.”

Farther south in Richmond, Va., gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam (D-Accomac) said he will press for several Confederate statues along the city’s Monument Avenue to be taken down.

However, Northam said he would “defer to the city” on how to proceed in doing so, according to the Richmond Post-Dispatch.

Democratic Mayor Levar Stoney said a commission established to “add context” next to the monuments is preferable to taking them down, the paper said.

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Gettysburg is something that should never be forgotten. Gettysburg is undividable part of the American history and every American should respect that. Instead of hurting each other’s feelings, liberals have to stop their anti-American charade.