LOOK What Hillary Was Seen Doing Just Hours After Fainitng at 9/11 Ceremony!


Although the Clinton News Network wants us to believe that Hillary Clinton is in perfect shape and ready to take the challenge, this video shows exactly the opposite. Her medical episode was literally ignored, as if we are not smart enough to see what is going on.

Via Young Conservatives

From CNN:

A video of Clinton’s departure from the 9/11 event at Ground Zero in Manhattan, posted by Twitter user Zdenek Gazda, shows her clearly stumbling, with Secret Service agents helping her into the van in the motorcade.

Leaving her daughter’s apartment a little before noon, Clinton told reporters she was “feeling great.”

“It’s a beautiful day in New York,” she added, while smiling and waving to supporters on the street before getting into her motorcade.

Michael Morell, the former CIA deputy director, told CNN’s Jake Tapper Sunday he was with Clinton Friday for a national security meeting and “she looked fantastic. She had high energy.”

“There are times in all of our lives when we don’t feel well,” he said. “I missed some of the briefings immediately after 9/11 because I wasn’t feeling well. So let’s not make more of this than there is.”

Yeah, sure.

Hillary is “feeling great.”

We all get sick at times. We’re only human.

But the overwhelming majority of us are not – nor ever will – run for president.

Hillary is in bad shape both mentally and physically, and Donald Trump needs to drive that point home during the upcoming debates.

Saying that Hillary is feeling great is world’s worst lie. There is nothing bad in being sick. There is nothing wrong in being a human. Apparently, Hillary is not one. Her bad condition only confirms the rumors, and it is about time for Trump to take the matter in his own hands.

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