Look Who Just Called For the Assassination of Trump After The Charlottesville Attacks


The liberal menaces strike back. The leftists show how insensitive they are and what their real purpose is. After the awful thing that happened in Charlottesville the evil souls used it as a chance to attack and condemn President Trump for the incident.

Some things are never going to change. For centuries the globalists use the same methods to sabotage their opponents. Donald Trump’s approval rating raised up for 8% in the past week. That was more than enough for the liberals to pull a stunt like this.

As we already said, both sides directly or indirectly were being controlled by the same center of power. The liberals provoked the violence, as always, just like their commander-in-chief George Soros ordered.

The aftermath is this:

A Twitter user going by the name “Lorie Wise” has called for the assassination of President Trump following the Charlottesville Protest. According to her Twitter profile, Wise has approximately 900 followers and is an extreme leftist. Her motto is “If you are on the Right….. you are so WRONG!”

This is sick. Donald Trump sent a message of peace and unity, he never wanted something like this to happen. Trump is a man who is against violence, he is always real and SANE.

His political opponents are INSANE. That’s why they do this, THAT’S how they want to set Trump up.

The liberals want to also have an excuse if someone INCIDENTLY kills Donald Trump. That’s so sick.

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