LOOK What Just Happened To Trump’s Plane Right As He Began Trip To Meet Obama…


Victorious Donald Trump today left New York  for a Washington meeting with Barack Obama.

While taking his first trip as new American President a very astonishing thing happened.

While taking off, Trump’s plane recived his first water salute from American workers,as a sign of good luck and congratulations on leading our country.

Lets see what Western Journalism has to say about it

At New York City’s LaGuardia airport, Trump’s plane taxied along the runways as workers lined the runways to wave at the bold, brash New Yorker who took on the political class in their name and won.

Before the plane left, Trump was treated to a water salute, a form of recognition given to arriving or departing planes whose passengers are distinguished.

With a pair of fire trucks spraying water canons on either side of the aircraft, Trump’s signature plane received a New York salute before taking the president-elect and Vice President-elect Mike Pence to Washington.

Speaking of Trump and Obama’s upcoming talks, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Wednesday that the two may have met once, but he was not certain.

“They do not have an extensive personal relationship,” Earnest said Wednesday at a briefing, a remark that drew laughter from reporters.

“This is not a situation where they’ve had many conversations or played golf together or any of that business. So I guess that will be among the many, many, many reasons that [Thursday’s] meeting will be rather interesting.”

The Washington meeting will not be the start of transition planning, as it has been going on for months in the background.

“As everyone has been ramping down and wrapping things up elsewhere around this building, I have been ramping up here for this next phase,” said Anita Decker Breckenridge, Obama’s deputy chief of staff who was the liaison to both candidates’ transition teams during the campaign.

“They have taken it seriously,” she said.

More work is to come.

In December and January, the Obama team will hold war-gaming exercises to prepare the Trump administration for a potential national security crisis. Obama did the same thing one week before his inauguration.

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