Look What The Lady Who Took a Selfie With President Trump Just Said About Him


Survivors who snapped a selfie with President Trump said the encounter altered their opinion of him. He now think of him as kind and reassuring.

During the same day, President and First Lady are putting Harvey relief supplies in vehicles and different trucks at a church in the Houston area.

President Donald Trump addressed drivers in front of the First Church in Pearland, “Take care of yourself.” The same people, in exchanged, show their gratitude for Trump and said they are praying for him.

Melania Trump was alongside him when handling supplies provided by Feed the Children and Red Cross, in which pallets of water bottles.

Trump remarked to a volunteer coordinator, “I like doing this,” and said to his spouse, “This is good exercise.”

He additionally showed his gratitude for a person in a Red Cross vest stating, “fantastic job, great group.”

Trump was delivering at First Church in Pearland, where volunteers are handing out relief supplies among which food and hygiene things.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and around four Cabinet secretaries were alongside Trump on stage as the president gave several remarks.

Trump said: “You got a lot of hard working people, I’ll tell you that.” He labeled the collaboration between federal, state and local officials “terrific.”

He continued saying: “I don’t know if it gets better, but we’re going to try to make it better.”

On top of this he repeatedly said nice stuff about Abbott and deemed him as “great,” remarking that he was doing incredibly good while “cameras are blazing.”

Having plastic gloves on his hands and a welcoming smile on his face, Trump stood alongside first lady Melania Trump and gave out hot dogs in white containers with the Red Cross logo.

When him served lunches, Trump greeted people and posed for photos with many. He was spotted asking one man about his military experience.

President Donald Trump said he is experiencing “a lot of love” and “a lot of happiness” as he headed to help the Harvey victims.

What are your thoughts on Trump’s warm heart, humane spirit and caring deeds?