Look What Nasty Rosie O’Donnell Did to Bill O’Reilly – THIS WOMAN IS A COMPLETE JOKE


Rosie O’Donnel is back and she’s going to make us all laugh hard! The liberal loudmouth crossed the line again and it’s really priceless moment to see. This woman became the liberals’ mascot as she humiliates herself so badly in order to make her elitist donors happy. Poor nasty woman…

We’re always having fun when Rosie O’Donnell opens her mouth. O’Donnell never stopped criticizing President Donald Trump, and that’s not all. She even made comments about his dearest!

Let’s not forget that O’Donnell gave her best to blast President Trump instead of taking care of her own family. It’s sad how some people would put politics on first place, especially if they are as terrible as O’Donnell. She’s been in the middle of several huge scandals, but the lady just won’t stop. It seems like she wants to be popular, don’t you agree?

O’Donnell wrote a rather shocking tweet on April 19, and this time she went against Bill O’Reilly. Why won’t just leave the man be? He was just kicked out of the network he spent 20 years in and lost his job. O’Reilly’s professional career is a complete disaster now, and it’s all based on a vicious lie. Liberals gathered in an effort to destroy him, and they actually succeeded in doing it. They encouraged advertisers to pressure Murdoch and his family, asking him to terminate Bill O’Reilly.

Some say that this was a tough pressure for Fox CEO to handle which led to O’Reilly’s termination. Well, we believe that the Murdoch family has other plans for their network. Could they be trying to turn it to the left? Who knows…

The Twitter exploded when Rosie O’Donnell wrote her tweet. She tweeted, “Speaking of BILL O-TRUMP is accused of raping 13-year-old. Why haven’t the media covered it?”

Will Rosie O’Donnell ever stop blasting everyone? She’s the last person on Earth to criticize people around her. She should better focus on herself and her family. That’s probably the best advice we can ever give to her.

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Aren’t you all fed on all of those insults and idiotic claims by Rosie O’Donnel. I don’t even know what is she looking for in messing up with politics. She’s not even a good comedian… She is just a frustrated woman who knows nothing about the people of this country. Go live your dreams on Hollywood Hills and let us be!