Look What Happened Immediately After President Trump Arrived In Florida


As most of us know, President Trump and First Lady Melania boarded a flight to this Florida Thursday to attend a briefing on all the damage and devastation left behind by Hurricane Irma, as well as to meet and greet both people affected in the natural disaster as well as first responders and emergency crews at the site, before heading to emergency food in Fort Myers, Florida.

As soon as they arrived there, they gave out water bottles and supplies to the people whose homes were destroyed by the storm. Many residents rushed to greet the commander-in-chie and take pictures with him.

The interesting thing however came later, when one man wearing a New England Patriots shirt leaned in to whisper a question to the president. As soon as he did so, Trump laughed joyfully, before he spin the man to dace the cameras saying, “This man has a question.”

The man that was now facing the cameras asked a direct question which immediately sparked outrage among liberals and even caused the CNN reporters to feel at unease:“Where was Obama on the last hurricane?”

A moment passed before Trump looked directly into the cameras as well, pointed at the man, and said “It was the best vote of his life.”

This only goes on to show that the people who support President Trump were aware of the difference between the former president who cared more about his funds and luxurious life than the one sitting in office right now that cares for his people.