Look Who’s Banning The National Anthem From All Sporting Events!!


The pressure of the mainstream anti-American propaganda is getting stronger than ever. What’s hurts the most is to see how the liberal companies kneel before the MAINSTREAM sub-society in the USA which we often call ‘THE BUBBLE’. The ignorance and the hatred against the country are unbearable, the same country that gave them the best possible conditions to live the ‘American dream’.

With all the insane amounts of hatred for the American national anthem and American pride coming from the left these days, not much is surprising.

However, reports that are indicating that a popular restaurant has ordered “The Star-Spangled Banner” to be muted during showings of sports matches is causing an uproar.

In California, a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant is facing harsh criticism after customers reported that an employee muted the national anthem on the televisions showing Monday night’s Broncos game against the Chargers.

When asked, the employee allegedly replied that the anthem was deemed “too controversial” and that it was “company policy” to mute it.

Other customers say that the restaurant has never done anything like that before, which could indicate that the employee acted out of his own individual political beliefs, but now the restaurant chain is finding itself facing some angry Americans.

Sadly, the left has embraced an ever-increasing anti-American stance in the past year alone, and has now decided that the American national anthem is “racist.”


Recently, a memorial to Francis Scott Key, author of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” was defaced by Alt-Left thugs from hate groups Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

The left-wing vandals splashed the memorial with red and black Communist-themed paint, and wrote “Racist Anthem” in spray paint.

Additionally, the NFL itself has become embroiled in political turmoil as players such as Colin Kaepernick and others continue to “protest racism” by kneeling for the national anthem at games.


DISGUSTING. What’s your response to this? What’s wrong with the national anthem?! These are clear signs of the globalists trying to destroy the American tradition and the good old way of life. We have to resist!