Loretta Lynn Comes Up With Bad News


Country music legend Loretta Lynn is not doing very well. The 85-year-old legend has serious health problems that resulted in a stroke. In the report below you can read more details. This is a sad news and let’s hope that everything is going to be alright.

Country music legend Loretta Lynn suffered a stroke at her Tennessee home Thursday night and was hospitalized. The 85-year-old had the stroke in her home and is now in a Nashville hospital. Her current condition is not known.

According to the Friday afternoon post on her website, Lynn is “currently under medical care and is responsive.” Further details are not yet available.

Fans were devastated when Lynn’s publicist announced that her music tour will either be canceled or postponed.Lynn is a beloved country music legend. Although she is 85-years-old, she is considered to be in relatively good health by those who know her. Lynn’s family and fans are praying that she will recover.

H/T Truth Monitor

Please send your prayers to Loretta Lynn and her family!I hope that she is going to recover soon. SHARE THIS POST AND SPREAD THE PRAYERS FOR LORETTA LYNN- GOD BLESS HER!