Lou Dobbs Makes EPIC COMEBACK – EXPOSES Obama’s ENTIRE Criminal Conspiracy On National TV [VIDEO]


Lou Dobbs is becoming a real protector of the true, he is a big professional, intelligent and charismatic journalist. While the mainstream media is working every day on their agenda to fight with every weapon against the White House and the President. But, fear not- the liberals are exposed and they are weak. Watch the video:

About the group OFA, Paul Sperry said, “It starts at a training center and they put these, these aren’t like the rabble from ‘Occupy Wall Street’ or even ‘Black Lives Matter,’ these are professionally trained agitators, they’re schooled in Alinsky…but Obama’s the guy who’s behind this.” He said this to Lou Dobbs on Fox News.This army of agitators has more than 30,000 people in their ranks, with more people being trained to oppose Trump and continue to fight for the rulings Obama imposed on America.

Allegedly, Obama’s army will be controlled in a building, which will be the hub for his shadow government, only a mere two miles away from the White House. This is so he can protect the “legacy” he put in place that goes against Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ promise.

The OFA group is an organization that was used during Obama’s campaign but then quickly switched over to a non-profit so that the list of donors and members would not have to be listed. Usually, when a president leaves the White House, groups like this are dissolved.But this group has 32,525 volunteers and has received more than $40 million since the organization began in 2013, but since it’s filed under a 501(c)(4), it doesn’t have to give out who exactly is donating to this group. How much you want to bet George Soros is one of these donors?

They are gaining more sympathizers and Trump-haters and have expanded to over 250 offices across the nation. Since Trump won the election, this group has been beefing up and preparing for battle it seems.

On Obama’s website, there is a link to OFA’s site, which proudly proclaims that it is training the next generation of progressives to fight back against things Trump wants to change in this country, including Obamacare.

Instead of accepting Trump’s presidency, which was given to him by the will and votes of the American people, liberals are continuing to fight and carry on the message of the former president. And to make sure it stays in this country, they will fight and train other liberals to agitate and disrupt this country.

And Obama is praising it, saying he is “heartened” by the protesters who are opposing Trump’s travel ban even though Obama instilled a very similar ban against people from Muslim countries during his presidency. But that’s what liberals are: hypocrites.

This shadow government will be in a building that is not only close to the White House, but it will be a walled-in mansion with its own personnel staff — no doubt to help run the shadow government. In fact, even Michelle Obama will have an office there.

Although the Obamas may hide behind continuing to do “great works” with this building, it is merely another Democrat ploy to keep the left in power. This will be the hub for their corrupt actions, giving out marching orders to their army and trying to discredit Trump at any chance they get.

H/T Angry Patriot Movement

That’s the point Mister! That is all I am talking about for so long. The liberal hordes controlled by the big eye want to discredit Donald Trump, but do not be afraid- our President is strong and we are going to hold on until the justice prevails.