Major Hollywood Star Leaving For Canada Because Of Trump and Look Who It Is


Cher is only one of the many liberal celebrities who take great pride in bashing President Donald Trump for everything he does.

This sad part is that they have no idea what they are talking about.

These celebrities love to act like they are well versed in the politics of today, but in reality, they are just uninformed liberal monkeys that have no true opinions.

What happened to all of these celebrities who were set to leave for Canada when Trump won? It seems like they have all stayed right here in the United States.

Maybe that is because they know deep down that President Trump will actually do good things for our country.

These celebrities are leaving the minds of our youth in shambles and it needs to stop.

They assume everyone in America has the same liberal beliefs as them, but this is not true at all. Conservative values are still alive and well in the United States and Trump is making sure of it.

Canada might be the best place for these liberal nutjobs as they have no real place to go in the United States. People are starting to call out the celebrities for bashing Trump.

This needs to stop immediately and them leaving is a good place to start.

Would you be happy to see all of these liberals leaving the United States for Canada?