This MAJOR US City is 30 Years Under TOTAL Democrat Control – LOOK AT THE RESULTS

America suffered hard under the liberals rule. One state suffered the most. In the post below you have a professional expertise and analysis about who and how destroyed the State of Michigan. You have to see this!

People meandering about at all hours of the night, prostitutes soliciting money from drivers on the street, cops patrolling every corner, the homeless burning fires to stay warm and fights constantly breaking out like it’s a boxing ring — these are just a few of the sights you might see any night in Detroit, Michigan.

Don’t believe me? Watch the video: 

Frightening, is it not? Yet these are the consequences of of Detroit having been ruled by Democrat mayors since Jan. 2, 1962, when Democrat Jerome Cavanagh stepped into office and began leading the city toward what would be the most stunning decline in American history.

In addition, the Detroit City Council has been controlled by Democrats for the past 30 years.

According to The Heritage Foundation, bad fiscal management by Democrats — “(u)naffordable borrowing, state grant schemes, raising taxes and deferring public pension contributions rather than cutting city spending” — slowly depleted the city of all its resources, leading it to declare bankruptcy four years ago and power was placed in the hands of a city manager appointed by the Republican governor.

Even culturally, the city fell backwards, as noted by Townhall, which pointed to the city’s first black mayor, Coleman Young, having driven out whites via his Al Sharpton-like rhetoric and tactics. Likewise, crime kept growing courtesy of the city’s “dramatically underfunded and completely incompetent” police department, spurring middle class blacks to begin departing as well.

All that was left was the bottom of the barrel – a hodgepodge of poor, tired, desolate and sometimes even violent citizens who felt trapped in a hell they could not escape. Was hope permanently gone, or could prosperity be stored?

The lives of Detroits’ poorest citizens could, in fact, be improved, but it would require the implementation of conservative policies such as school choice.

For instance, according to a report three years ago from Michigan Capitol Confidential, a publication of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, even by then more and more families in poverty were pushing their children toward charter schools, hoping that a superior, non-government education could boost their children’s chances for success.

They were right. A study by Mathematica Policy Research cited in 2014 by Forbes magazine revealed that “charter school attendance was associated with an increase in maximum annual earnings between ages 23 and 25 of $2,347 – about 12.7 percent higher than for comparable students who attended a traditional high school.”

And this was just one study. Many more like it exist, and they all say the same thing — allowing parents to send their kids to charter schools raises their children’s chances of success in life.

In other words, conservative policies make all the difference. But for the citizens of Detroit to benefit from such policies, they must shrug off the dogma preached to them by Democrats.

Are they ready for such a momentous decision, though? We certainly hope so.

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This was really shocking. The Democrat policies in Michigan are most certainly a dark agenda, followed by the liberal leftists. Don’t you agree? Is there anyone from Michigan there- FEEL FREE TO COMMENT AND SHARE YOUR OPINION AND EXPERIENCES!