Man Who Lost Wife During Las Vegas Massacre Shuts Down Libs With Huge Future Plans


Americans can’t forget the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Liberals used it to open the gun control issue. They thought that victims would go for more restrictive gun control measures. But, this one man spoke up, and his wife was one of the Las Vegas victims. His message is brilliant, and we really hope that liberals will get it.

Tony Burditus and his wife, Denise, had fun at the Route 91 Harvest music festival until Stephen Paddock stepped in. the 64-year-old gunman opened fire from a 32nd floor hotel room. Denise was killed during the attack.

Burditus spoke about his wife’s murder, saying it’s a tragedy. But, he also said that his grief won’t be used as a reason to eliminate his Second Amendment rights.

“It was a tragedy, Sunday night. I still never give up my rights,” the grieving husband replied.

Burditus is a former US Army Green Beret. Paddock managed to destroy his marriage of 32 years. The high school sweethearts have two amazing kids and four grandchildren.

“Denise was an amazing person that loved her family and this country,” GoFundMe says.

Burditus didn’t let liberals to fool him. He knows his rights, and respects each of them. The grieving man is aware of the anti-Trump propaganda. But, he didn’t let his grief destroy his rights.

This is a brilliant story and lesson for everyone who thinks of giving up on their Second Amendment rights. Burditus spoke in the name of all Americans, and his word needs to be shared. Every decent American will praise his move and respect our country.

What do you think about this? Do you think Burditus is right? How will liberals interpret his story? Will authorities manage to solve the Las Vegas? What’s your opinion about the whole investigation? Why did Paddock kill all those people?