Man In Truck Survives Antifa Road Blockers’ Attack

The violent radical liberals JUST CAN’T QUIT! Their protests are paid by George Soros and the antifa movement in the USA reached its zenith. As a matter of fact, the radical left wing includes many criminals and young delinquents who are paid by people who share interest from their actions.

However, the government will soon find a proper solution to stop the violence. In N. Carolina there is a new law that protects the drivers. The nation is nervous and every individual finds a way to confront those savages. Look what this man did with his truck:

This past Monday was May Day, the high holy day of the godless commie year. Normally, May 1 festivities are limited to countries where socialism is a lot bigger. However, given that Trump’s victory has led to the American left dropping any pretense of not being socialists, it was time for some antifa-ing in the streets this year.

There were plenty of May Day protests from Philly to Portland this year, although the numbers seemed to come in at well below organizers’ expectations (85 percent short in Los Angeles, for example).

But, God bless ’em, the liberals did what they could — and what they could do was block roads.

The left is usually pretty good at this, but in this video posted to YouTube, one truck driver was even better.

According to the uploader, DC Statesman, this video was recorded during a May Day protest in Durham, North Carolina.

To be fair, Durham isn’t exactly a hotbed of leftist sentiment, but after managing to rustle up a few politically challenged community college students and some high-visibility orange vests, they decided to block themselves a street.

Unfortunately for them, the driver of the Dodge truck was having none of it. He inched through the crowd as these protesters tried to desperately assail the truck and force him to stop. Alas, it was to no avail.

Take a look:

Let me here say I don’t quite grasp this whole blocking-the-road tactic, which doesn’t seem to have any connection to what any of these people are putatively supposed to be protesting. What do they think it’s going to do?

Has any driver caught in one of these antifa-created traffic jams thought to themselves, “Oh, now I get it! They’re blocking this intersection because they want to drive home the necessity of intersectionality in a post-capitalist America! I’m going to turn around and go to that ‘revolutionary’ bookstore downtown which smells like pot, mold, and worthless postgraduate degrees, and I’m going to buy a copy of bell hooks’ ‘Teaching to Transgress!’”

You know, that’s actually a better rationalization than I’ve ever heard any of these erudite individuals give. I probably should have asked for royalties.

H/T Conservative Tribune

Everybody should do the same. Antifa members use violent, radical and disgraceful ways to show their revolt. They have the right to protest, but not to destroy public and private property. This brave man showed character, and I respect him because of that. SHARE THIS POST IF YOU WANT TO CONGRATULATE THIS MAN FOR WHAT HE DID!