BREAKING: Man Who Planned To Kill Trump Was Hillary Clinton’s Close Friend? His Plans Are SICK AND TWISTED

Donald Trump in the past month had various life threats. It seems like the liberal hordes made bounty on his head. These sick and corrupted people can not accept their defeat and they are so cruel and sick- they are able to kill and torture! The interesting thing there is that the guy who posted life threats on youtube is actually friend of HILLARY CLINTON! Read the shocking article below:

A Florida man named Dominic Puopolo was just arrested for posting a video on Twitter where he announced his intention to KILL President Donald Trump during his inauguration. He is now in jail with NO bail.

He said in the video,

“This is the 16th of January 2017, I will be at the review/ inauguration and I will kill President Trump, President-elect Trump today.”

According to Daily Mail, this same man is CLOSE family Friends with Hillary Clinton. She is especially close to his mother and sister, both named Sonia Puopolo, and Hillary Clinton even gave a eulogy for the mom when she died during the 9/11 attacks.

That was not the end of their special relationship, though. Hillary Clinton has been photographed many times with Sonia Puopolo Jr and Dominic Puopolo once donated $20,000 to the DNC!

This is not Dominic’s first arrest, either. In Miami, he was arrested four times for petty crimes since 2006, twice for petty theft and once for defrauding an innkeeper. Criminals stick together, I guess.

H/T Liberty Writers News

Embrace Americans! The ultimate evil is ALWAYS sponsored by the rich, wealthy and corrupted servants of the BIG EYE ON THE TOP OF THE PYRAMID! If she was able to create organization that made the biggest bloodshed in the 21th century- this is not a surprise. STOP THE LIBERAL TERRORISM! GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP! GOD BLESS AMERICA!