Marco Rubio Just Exposed Disloyal Republicans’ Secret Plan To Help Hillary Win, It’s Sick


Florida Senator Marco Rubio fought a good fight against Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump in the primaries. At times it was contentious. Rubio attempted to poke fun at Trump by saying he had “small hands.” Trump jabbed back at Rubio, dubbing him “little Marco.” In the end, Trump prevailed, even besting Marco in his home court of Florida.

The reconciliation process afterwards was long, but Rubio is now solidly in Trump’s camp. He realizes that Trump needs to prevail or else we’ll have the unthinkable: Hillary Clinton (!) as our President. And Marco needs Trump to do well so he can win his own Senate reelection bid. Rubio is a sharp guy. He also had some sharp words for those traitors in his own party who seemingly want to see Hillary Clinton elected rather than their own party’s nominee, which is insane. Said Marco cuttingly to his disloyal GOP colleagues, who seem to think the primary is still ongoing, “The primary is over. Republican voters chose a nominee and we have a choice between two people … I disagree with Hillary on everything.”

He had some vicious words for Hillary and the people in both parties who support her. He said, “Democrats have been calling Republicans bigoted for a long time,” Rubio said. “I think Hillary Clinton has a lot of problems. I think she is corrupt. She is dishonest. Do I think some of the policies she stands for do harm minority communities? Absolutely. You’ll have to ask some of the other campaigns about the terms they use. I can tell you I don’t want Hillary Clinton to be our president.” Do you agree with Marco Rubio? Why are disloyal Republicans trying to smear their own nominee?