THIS IS MASSIVE! Watch Homeland Security Chairman Make Hillary GASP With 1 Word…

Hillary used to plant fear everywhere she went. Experts claimed her to be the strongest woman in American history. Is she that grand now? I don’t think so. Hillary is left alone in the crisis of her emails, and the FBI is after her. What did you expect, Hillary? People’s love and appreciation? Never deserved it.

The Department of Homeland Security expressed their opinion. This will shock you. The chairman said something that brought joy to all of us. He said that Hillary’s actions equal a treason. Well, at least someone had the courage to speak their mind.

Via Liberty Writers News

*** Seriously!

Let me repeat that the Chairman of Homeland Security just said that Clinton’s actions amount to treason.

This is Homeland Security Chairman Mike McCaul (R-TX) and he accused Hillary of “treason” on Thursday morning on Fox and Friends.

Share this story, people. You’ll never see this released by the media. Let’s keep traitor Hilary out of the White House. Are you gonna elect a criminal to be a President? Say “no” to Hillary, and take her to prison. Save America from corruption.

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