Maxine Waters Connection With Russia Exposed


Maxine Waters and her corrupted businesses are a hot topic again. This liberal loudmouth is among the loudest Trump-haters. This woman crossed the line so many times with her ridiculous insults and accusations, so careless like there is no tomorrow. She is going to regret everything she did. She is finally exposed:

President Donald Trump has been dealing with a Russia investigation during most of his time in office. This investigation is hurting his reputation. The worst part is, he is not even involved. It is the Democrats that want him to be investigated that are the guilty ones. Maxine Waters is in that group.

Waters has time and time again gotten onto President Trump for his financial ties to Russia. This is ridiculous and she has now officially made a complete fool of herself.

It has been found that Waters held $200,000 worth of assets in a Russian retirement fund over the years. This proves exactly how big of frauds the Democratic leaders in this country are.

This is not the first time Waters has been in financial trouble either. In 2012, she barely got out of an investigation in which it was found out that she funneled over $12 million into her husband’s bank account. Maxine Waters is a liar and she deserves to lose her leadership. She has no business being in the position she is in. She has been a proven fraud for as long as she been in the news and it looks like it is not stopping.

When will liberals admit that they are the ones that are the problem? President Trump has done everything he can to prove that he had nothing to do with Russian intervention and it is time for this witch hunt to end. He will not stand for this any longer.

H/T World Politicus

What do you think about Maxine Waters’ connections with Russia? Is she a traitor? Or, it doesn’t apply on liberals?  Maybe I am just a fascist, racist, xenophobe who hates GOOD BUSINESS? Who knows… Maybe I should change my views, make good deals and live in Hollywood, just like her, hidden behind the bureaucracy, under the hood of hypocrisy.