Media Ignored What Trump Did To This Young Marine

We always want to share touching and powerful moments of the members of the First Family with you, dear readers. It is not a secret that President Donald Trump respects our military. He is a real patriot and he knows how to pay respect to the people of service. However, what he did today is really interesting and charming:

The media is an absolute disgrace. 

Once again, they have proven that they will do anything and everything to keep positive news about President Donald Trump from reaching the masses.

Even on Memorial Day — and even if it involves a patriotic child.

After Trump’s Arlington speech, the commander-in-chief walked over to a young kid rocking a formal uniform worn by United States Marines.

He chatted for a brief moment with the stunned kid and eventually a smile on his face when he gave him a big high five — and the media can’t even bring themselves to report such an adorable moment that was shared between the two.

H/T The Truth Division

This is our great President Trump! The media should remain silent or at least share the good news. This is hope. This little kid is hope. America will raise many new heroes that will defend her against the enemies. God bless our country! Share this powerful moment!