Megyn Kelly Forces ‘Miss Universe’ To Admit Her Attack Against Trump Is A Hoax [Video]


Hillary Clinton brought up former Miss Universe Alicia Machado during the first debate and now all eyes have been on her. Trump had apparently called her ‘miss piggy’ after she gained 50 or so pounds after winning the Miss Universe pageant. In an attempt to make Trump look bad, Alicia claimed that Trump’s bullying comments caused her to become anorexic.

Of course this makes Trump look like a pretty bad guy, only problem is that it’s a total lie. Megyn Kelly brought it up in an interview that she had actually had eating disorders long before Trump said anything to her. Megyn started out by asking her if anyone witnessed Trump calling her “Miss Piggy”.

She answered by saying she is thankful for being on the show and that she wouldn’t be sharing this story if she thought Trump would be a good president. Megyn pointed out that Alicia said she suffered from anorexia and bulimia before the pageant. Her response was “I’m here because I know this person, and he’s not a good person. The point is, no more abuse for us. No more abuse for the girls.” So she is basically admitting her lie. Check out the video below.