Melania Creates A Brand New Room In The White House – Michelle Won’t be Happy

Melania Trump is a real trend setter and a beautiful stylish lady. Despite the liberal evil mouthing against her, she is really a decent and honest person, she is not attention whore or someone else’s puppet. Melania supported her husband and that is completely normal, but the sick liberal snakes decided to launch dozen attacks on her. However, she is stronger than that. Fashion designers -you are fired! Melania is going to change some things in the liberal White House!

Since the election designers have been protesting against Melania, saying they will refuse to work with Melania because of her husband’s politics. This will drive them absolutely crazy. Melania will create a brand new room in the White House so she can make herself look great. Melania’s makeup artist Nicole Bryl explained what exactly this ‘glam room’ will be.


“There will absolutely be a room designated for hair, makeup and wardrobe. Melania wants a room with the most perfect lighting scenario, which will make our jobs as a creative team that much more efficient, since great lighting can make or break any look,” explained Bryl in an interview with Stylish.

She explained that each makeup session will take “about one hour and 15 minutes of uninterrupted focus. If you want the look to be flawless and have it last [throughout the day], you do have to take a little extra time to make that happen,” said Bryl.

“There will be a meeting with the entire creative team to discuss the look for each given event for that day, as there will be several. Melania will absolutely let us know what she envisions for herself, since she always has such a strong and secure idea of how she likes things. It makes it that much easier for the rest of us to team together and execute her vision,” she said.

“I look forward to seeing what she has decided to wear. It’s always a treat to be a part of her impeccable beauty creation,” said Bryl. Imagine how jealous Michelle Obama will be when she sees this.

H/T Conservative101

There is no doubt that Melania is going to shine in the White House and she is going to be a real refreshment. It is pretty stupid how the liberal media and celebrities(including the fashion designers) are always ready to make a verbal ,,bombardment” against the Trump family. Why? In the campaign, for example, Bill Clinton ( as a family member of Hillary) was ,,on the tape” all the time. But, he is a politician, he was an ex president suspected of corruption activities, for Christ sake! Liberals, let Melania stay out of this, she is not responsible for your sore defeat.