Melania Looked Incredible In Saudi Arabia-Muslims Did Not Like It

Melania Trump did something awesome today! She showed that she is a real American patriot and an independent woman. You really have to see her walk in the heart of the Islamic Culture with such elegance and pride, and without something very important for the women in Arabia…

Just this morning, Melania Trump landed in Saudi Arabia without a headscarf on! Usually, the country demands women avoid pants, and insists they wear floor-length robes and hair coverings.

I’ve never been so proud of our First Lady! She’s making a statement to the Saudi leaders, and the whole Islamic world, that woman should be free. Western women will not bow to Islam’s horrible treatment of their gender.

The dress code for Saudi women is part of a whole set of laws designed to limit them. They cannot leave the house without a male chaperone. They cannot drive cars, and their freedom (in general) is severely restricted.

Previously, Michelle Obama visited Saudi Arabia and wore a headscarf — she put it on while entering a mosque. The patriots of this country were very upset with the former First Lady over this decision. We made the mistake of holding her to higher standards, and expected her not to dress like our country’s number one enemies.

Which country do liberals think we’re from, again? There is just no reason to bend to the ridiculous limitations Islam places on women — or anyone, for that matter.

True Americans were upset when Michelle decided to put a headscarf on while touring a mosque. You can’t have it both ways, Michelle. You’re either a true American, or you’re not.

It’s much better to make a statement, like Melania did, that women should be free to dress as they wish. Michelle was just proving that she isn’t really dedicated to American values, or women’s rights, whatsoever.

Our First Lady is acting as a beacon of American values throughout the world, just as she should. She’s also demanding that American visitors abroad be treated with respect. There is no reason for our state leaders to accept compromise and dress like our foes. Unacceptable!

Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, are expected to join President Trump and Melania on this visit. As practicing Jews, they had to get special permission to make this Saturday trip.

I imagine their presence will frustrate Islamic leaders, who would much rather see Jewish people, and the Jewish state, disappear entirely. Ivanka and Jared will just be further proof to the Saudi princes that America stands behind Israel, and will not tolerate any anti-Semitic sentiment or actions.

Overall, this trip is already a win for human rights and American values. It’s just like our amazing fashion-conscious First Lady to use her dress as a message — that we do not approve of the way Islam pushes women into the background!

H/T Conservative Fighters

What do you think about this, dear patriots? Do you support this brave move by Melania Trump? She is a strong and independent woman, she has the right to dress whatever she wants Don’t you agree?