Melania Trump Secretly Travels To West Virginia By Herself – The Reason Why Will Melt Your Heart


Melania Trump surprised everyone today with her unexpected travel to West Virginia and she had a very good reason to go there. The true meaning of the word philanthropist is purely described by what she did in her casual visits and this time she did it again. Melania Trump proved once again to be a loving First Lady. Read more below:

First Lady Melania Trump traveled to Huntington, West Virginia, with the goal of raising awareness and bringing attention to an issue which lays close to her heart.

Melania visited Lily’s Place, which is a medical facility that provides infants suffering from neonatal abstinence syndrome as a result of parental drug use with treatment, as well as offers support and and aid to drug-addicted parents. “I want to be here to support you and give a voice to Lily’s Place and also for the opioid epidemic,” said Melania when she was referring to the staff, adding, “We need to open the conversation to children and young mothers how it’s dangerous to use drugs and get addicted to it.”

Upon delivering her remarks, the FLOTUS also visited with parents and infants at Lily’s Place, before later taking it to Social Media to share a heartwarming picture of her holding a toddler.


Melania wasn’t in a rush and instead, took her time to speak in private with families receiving treatment at Lily’s Place, where she voiced her support for the model that the facility can be all across the nation.

“It is my hope that we can find ways to create more of the opportunities afforded by places like Lily’s Place,” she said, adding, “So that we can continue to help infants and children grow into happy, healthy adults.”

Melania has once again set an example of how a true first lady should behave and care for her people, especially the ones who need the most of the moral support and help.

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God bless Melania Trump and the good US people who make things like this to happen. We need to stand all together and fight the drug epidemy. We will eat the fruits of a true victory over the opioid epidemy when we will resocialize and revitalize all addicts and help them live lives with dignity because these people really want to use the help. Everybody deserves a second chance. Please share this story.