Melania Trump Visits Sick Kids And Its Amazing View


Melania Trump is an ANGEL! This woman already showed what her real purpose in life is.  She is a traditional mother that respect the family values, and she’s also a TRUE philanthropist. Just look how she helped these poor sick kids:

When it comes to First Ladies, I can’t think of a single one better than Melania Trump. The woman is a true saint, and what she did for this group of sick kids yesterday proves it.

These kids were excited when they heard they were gonna get a garden they could hang out in during treatments. Little did they know that Melania Trump herself would be showing up to make it even better.

The First Lady dedicated the new Bunny Mellon Healing garden at the Children’s National Medical Center.

She even sat around and worked with them on some art project. One look and you can see how much these kids instantly fell in love with Melania.You know, they say that having a positive attitude is a major part of recovering from bad sicknesses. Thanks to the hard work of the doctors and our First Lady, these children seem pretty optimistic.

See, when Obama was President, the media shared stories like this everywhere. Now they act like the Trumps are bad. We gotta get this to everyone we know. Show them why we love Melania Trump.

H/T Liberty Writers News

God Bless Melania Trump! Our beautiful country finally has a BEAUTIFUL First Lady with BIG HEART and SOFT SOUL. This woman is a real representative of the White House and I just can’t understand why those liberals still trash the First Family. They SUCK!