Mexico Is Unhappy Because Of The New Sanctuary Citites Law


The new law that bans the sanctuary cities is something that the liberal leftists hate from the bottom of their souls. But it seems that they are not the only one. After Texas implemented the law, Mexico fears that this is not the best decision for them. Read more below:

Over the weekend, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill outlawing sanctuary cities in the Lone Star State.

Obviously, this was a great and much-needed move.

Mexico is not too happy about it though.

From ABC News:

The Mexican government is expressing regret over a new Texas ban on so-called sanctuary cities, saying the law could step on the rights of its citizens who choose to live just across the border.

The Secretary of Foreign Relations on Monday said in a statement that the Texas law signed by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott “criminalizes, even more, the phenomenon of immigration.” It says the law foments racial discrimination and will reduce collaboration between police and immigrant communities.

This isn’t really a bad thing.

It doesn’t matter if they like it or not.

It’s up to us to enforce our laws and if Mexico doesn’t like it that’s too bad.

Here’s more about the law.

H/T Young Conservatives

Americans voted for all of these new laws. Americans decided that we are not going to be ignorant open-border society anymore. There is no reason not to build the wall, for example. Why the left sabotages Trump’s policy, is clear, but it’s really inappropriate to spread their anti-Trump campaign in foreign countries.