Michael Moore Launches Treasonous Website Against Trump & The Name Will Make You Sick

Michael Moore gone wild! The liberal loudmouth decided to do the unthinkable. After the brave patriots exposed the liberal elite using the leak sites on the internet, Michael Moore has come up with his insane idea to create something so pathetic and so stupid that will make you laugh.

“From the time you opened this letter to the time you get to the bottom of it, there’s a decent chance that our president will have violated the constitution, obstructed justice, lied to the American people, encouraged or supported acts of violence, or committed some horrible mistake that would’ve ended any other politician’s career (or sent you or I to jail). And just like all the times he’s done so in the past, he will get away with it,” writes Moore.


“Donald Trump thinks he’s above the law. He acts like he’s the above the law,” said Moore.

And when you think you’ve seen it all, the liberal snowflake continued even harder. Look what is he intending to do:

“Today, I’m launching TrumpiLeaks, a site that will enable courageous whistleblowers to privately communicate with me and my team. Patriotic Americans in government, law enforcement or the private sector with knowledge of crimes, breaches of public trust and misconduct committed by Donald J. Trump and his associates are needed to blow the whistle in the name of protecting the United States of America from tyranny,” writes Moore.

H/T Conservative101

The huge irony here is that the only tyrants in modern-day America are the liberal fascists who control the media, who don’t let anyone think differently and these people are intrigued with the worst crimes in our society.

Michael Moore is so wrong. Let’s show him how much we disagree with him and share this post!