Michael Savage Warns Trump Supporters To Be Prepared For What’s Coming Next & It’s BAD


Michael Savage brutally lectured the liberal loudmouths who never learned their lesson about how are they supposed to act and behave. This report is a wonderful reminder about how the deep state is systematically destroying our society.

Conservative radio host and author Michael Savage has been clear about his opinions on leftists in the past. His listeners have blown away when he predicted the future on his show a couple weeks ago.

Savage talked about the impact that Democrats are having on our society. He discussed the Kathy Griffin “beheading” disgusting behavior and also the Julius Caesar play in New York that shows a Trump lookalike getting brutally murdered. Then the following morning, we all found out that an enraged Bernie Sanders supporter traveled to a GOP baseball practice and shot at Republicans.

Savage hit the nail on the head.

The Left is becoming more and more violent as time passes. Now they are trying to MURDER people simply for having different opinions.

During the episode, Savage also stated, “We are at a boiling point. There’s going to be a civil war.”

The left is just like ISIS. ISIS is also willing to brutally attack and kill for their belief system. It is very common sense and would certainly explain the way the Left adores ISIS.

The blood of the innocent conservatives is now in the hands of Obama and every liberal that permitted this behavior to grow unchecked.

Not only are they abetting this behavior, but the media is actively promoting it. If our media is passing the message that it is acceptable to attack people because they have a different opinion, what will it result in? That is a fact.Our liberties are being actively stripped away from us one by one. Now we are supposed to just let it happen and get attacked? Can’t we speak without getting attacked?

What do you think about this? What’s your opinion on this matter? Do you agree with Michael Savage?