Michelle Obama Insults Every Cop With This Message


Do you think we’ve seen it all from Michelle Obama? NO WAY! She surfaces again with a horrible insult against the American cops. This woman is messing up with the people who serve for this country. This is totally against the interests of our society and a bad ROLE MODEL! Read more below:

During Michelle Obama’s time as First Lady, she made it clear that she has no respect for American police officers and the sacrifices they make for this country. She reinforced this once again recently when she expressed support for Beyonce’s cop-hating stunts.

Mad World News reported that Beyonce just celebrated the anniversary of her anti-police anthem “Formation.” She infamously performed this song at the 2016 Super Bowl, which she shamelessly used to bash American cops. The music video for “Formation” also included lots of Black Lives Matter imagery, including sequences of white police officers harassing young black people and a shot of graffiti that reads, “Stop shooting us.”

“Beyoncé announced the launch of Formation Scholars on Monday in celebration of the anniversary of her visual album ‘Lemonade.’ One scholarship each will be awarded to a woman who is ‘unafraid to think outside the box and [is] bold, creative, conscious and confident’ at Berklee College of Music, Parsons School of Design, Howard University and Spelman College,” reported Huffington Post.

Michelle immediately took to Twitter to suck up to Beyonce and express support for this offensive song’s program. She claims Beyonce is a “role model,” which effectively tells young girls that they also should show no respect for police.


H/T American News Outlet

Beyonce is not a role model- NOT AT ALL. Michelle Obama neither.  This is really unexpected from a former First Lady. And I still can not understand what’s the purpose of this “sad show”. SHARE THIS POST IF YOU FEEL DISGUSTED FROM THIS WOMAN!